22, 23 en 24 september 2021: ICHR symposium in Groningen

Op 22, 23 en 24 september 2021 vindt het ICHR symposium plaats in het UMCG in Groningen. Het programma is bekend en inmiddels is ook de inschrijving geopend. Aanmelding en betaling kan via het aanmeldformulier ICHR.


The program will be provided both online and live. Depending on the Corona situation, we will allow a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 200 live attendees. The social program also depends on the Corona situation in September 2021.
The first day will be coordinated by Marieke Begemann and Ben Alderson-Day and is designated for the Early Career Hallucination Research (ECHR) group, although ICHR members are most welcome too.
September 23 will be the core ICHR day, with working groups presenting and keynote speakers for hallucination researchers.
The evening of September 23 will be open for the general public, including experience experts.
September 24 will also be open for other professionals, with keynote speakers presenting for a general academic audience.

September 22 ECHR

Members of the ECHR group and
other young researchers will present
their research. The ECHR working
groups formed in 2020 will provide
an update on their work.
Keynote by:
Kenneth Hugdahl:
Lessons from a lifetime of
hallucination research
Evening: ECHR-ICHR executive
board meeting

September 23 ICHR

Keynotes by:
Paul Allen: fMRI-guided neuro feedback
Renaud Jardri: Hallucinations in children
Flavie Waters & Frank Laroi:
Old & New Chair
The ICHR working groups will present an
update of their work.
Evening for lay people:
Charles Fernyhough: The inner voice
Rinke van den Brink: Reflecting on my

September 24 eneral

Keynotes by:
Susan Rossell: Hallucinations in body
dysmorphic disorder
Teus van Laar: Hallucinations in parkinson
Karin Slotema: Hallucinations in borderline
Mascha Linszen: Hallucinations in hearing loss
Philip Corlett: Hallucinations in healthy people
Jan-Dirk Blom: Alice in Wonderland syndrome
Dominic ffytch: Hallucinations in eye disease